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Rescue Me Paperback Book
  • Reset strategist Jessica Williams delivers an inspirational, practical, and refreshing guide for women ready to reset their lives, reclaim their confidence, and discover a higher purpose after experiencing major life changes such as childbirth, marriage, divorce, abuse, etc.

    Rescue Me is about resilience, reclaiming your life, and recognizing and rediscovering your power! God uses disruption to awaken something greater within. Jessica opens her heart and shares what it takes to overcome and propel yourself to a new, more confident you. She shows readers how painful or unexpected circumstances can redirect you towards what God created you to do with real scriptures, affirmations, and quotes embedded. Her sense of humor and relatability enables you to connect even deeper to the message of this book.


    Whether you are drowning in depression, shame, self-doubt, regret, feeling stuck, or even sensing a shift but are unable to discern what’s next, Jessica's guide to rediscovering who you are will help you gain more clarity and insight into your divine purpose and give you the courage to vigorously pursue it.


    Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, worn out, and drained? You are wondering if things will ever get better. If you feel like this, then you’ve picked up the right book. No one can truly rescue you, but... you. Are you ready for a change? 

    Rescue Me Paperback Book


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