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Breaking Out

Have you ever felt trapped? Are you currently walking through life in a bit of a haze... basically just going through the motions. Like you have been working so hard in this thing called life, and doing everything you can to be your best self... but on the inside you just felt caged in. Like an animal peeking through to freedom only to be confined by the limitations of your mind and current situation. Its funny to think about it... because we weren’t always like this. No, we once had a fire and youthful ambition that proceeded any feelings of self doubt or fear. When someone told us no, we leaped at the opportunity to show them that we could do it!

What happened to her? That young woman that once was so free, fun, adventurous and full of life?

Yet, when she calls out for help... no one notices, because her mask has become so beautifully crafted that no one even realizes that behind the scenes she is fighting literally to push through the facade... praying... wishing... to be rescued... and reminded of her value in this place... reminded that she is enough... reminded that she is a warrior... reminded that she is the navigator of her seas... she is powerful beyond her own recognition and if she just tapped into that immense power...she wouldn’t even recognize the beautiful queen with a crown of jewels in her reflection. Yet... she continues to push... praying that she doesn’t break. Overworking in hopes of speeding up the process. “If I could just make it to my millions, it will be better!”... But will it really though?

You see... breaking out isn’t easy. Your mind will play tricks on you... Making you feel as though you aren’t enough. Like you didn’t just cure cancer! (Well maybe not cancer. LOL But you know what I mean) You could have just made the biggest leap in your career, but your mind will still tell you that it wasn’t enough. You could have literally just went to work all day, cooked dinner, checked homework, gave the kids a bath, and still cleaned up the house to start all over tomorrow! WHEW! This is something that many of us battle, but it was not until I ultimately made the change to combat this mindset that I was able to truly find peace.

Feeling trapped is a scary season to be in, because if you aren’t careful it can cause you to make decisions without thinking. It can cause you to be hasty and or even become depressed. When you feel trapped... You have two choices... Give In or Break OUT.

How do I Break Out?

  • Change Your Mindset - Many people say this like it is an easy thing! Trust me, changing your mindset is a process! You have to intentionally align your actions to match the outcome you want to see on a daily basis. For instance, most people would consider me to be an extremely positive person. In our society, it is not easy to maintain a genuinely positive disposition, but I am able to keep this due to my mindset. I understand that if I want to feel positive, and I want positive things to happen in my life-- I must be positive, and think positive thoughts! In addition to this, I am extremely connected to God. I believe that my efforts to be a good person is largely due to my faith which shifts my mindset continuously.

  • Find accountability - When you’re in a haze of depression, shame, fear, self-doubt, loneliness, etc. It can be hard to transition out of this season alone. Find a therapist, life coach (check me out! LOL), or anyone that you know cares about your well-being and will push you towards greatness! Seeking accountability is not a sign of weakness! It is actually the complete opposite. You are choosing to take control of your life, and build a village to place the color back into your day on an authentic level!

  • Set Goals - Now, if you are a person that tends to overwork yourself like me, then you will have to be careful with this. It is always important to have goals, because it encourages you to keep moving and instills a desire to win on the inside of you! That fire is your survival guide, because it allows you to push even when you are exhausted, discouraged, or just honestly feeling lazy. LOL. Setting goals and executing them remind you of your power, determination, and grit. Set goals to improve your mental health, perspective on different areas of your life, or even to just find more experiences to enjoy life with your significant other or children!

Break Out... Your Life...Literally Depends On it.

Scriptures for Meditation:

  • Mark 12:30

  • Proverbs 25:28

  • Matthew 17:20

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